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Understanding Each Training Phase to Optimize Muscle Gain and Body Composition

There are four main phases of training that you must periodize for optimal growth and body composition. Yes, they lie on a continuum and there can be some overlap depending on how your training is set up, but here are the basics of each [...]

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Peri-Workout Nutrition Goals to Optimize Your Training Phase Results

Precise Nutrition Goals For Pre, Intra, and Post-Workout The nutrients you supply your body with before, during, and after training (also known as peri-workout) is essential to maximizing your ability to accomplish the three aspects that determine your progress. In a nutshell, you want [...]

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How to Gain Muscle Without Fat: Thought Process and Logical Approach

Click below to see the nutritional cycling strategies I use for myself and my clients for consistent muscle gain and improved body composition throughout every phase of training: Yes, I'm ready for unstoppable growth without fat! . Show me more about the [...]

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The Fat Loss Pyramid

Key Point Summary for Fat Loss Without Sacrificing Muscle There are 5 ‘levels’, or stages, you must implement IN ORDER to optimize fat loss Nutrition should be specific to your training, simply being in a caloric deficit is insufficient Muscular contractions burn calories, not [...]

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MI40 Muscle Camp Recap

The las MI40 Muscle Camp was another HUGE success!! It seems like they get better every single time. More knowledge to share, more questions answered, and more excited students with life altering experiences. They are leaving here ready to DOMINATE! As always, Kassem, Joe, and myself enjoyed [...]

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