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The Two Biggest Fat Loss Sins

It’s January and you’ve decided — this is the year you finally get ripped.
Not “sorta see your abs” lean or “in shape for your age” – we’re talking shredded, jacked, a walking anatomy chart. A real bodybuilder.

I believe every guy who works out hard and consistently should make it a goal to get to […]

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Once And For All: How Much Protein for Mass Gains?

Protein is the most versatile macronutrient we consume. It can be used to build tissue, be broken down to make energy, used as an enzyme in metabolism, or used as a co-factor in detoxification. Because our body can use protein for so many things, how much we need is relative to what […]

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(PART 2) Muscle Building Wisdom (Continuation for VIP Newsletter Subscribers)

Back to why you shouldn’t be eating as many carbs as you may think:

What you do now affects your body down the road. If you cram yourself full of carbohydrates on a daily basis, regardless of type of carb (even low GI carbs), your body must process these carbs and your insulin sensitivity will […]

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(PART 1)The number one MOST IMPORTANT factor in muscle building. PERIOD. (that youre not even aware of)

Aspiring athletes and bodybuilders (this is actually for everyone), young and old, what you do NOW will affect how your body responds FOREVER.

If you wonder how many carbs you should be eating on a daily basis, the answer is….

AS FEW AS POSSIBLE (which of course, is variable based on your goal).

No; the answer is […]

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The Final Week (part 3 of 3)

Part 3.
The final week.

Depletion started 7 days from the show. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all under 75gr of starchy carbs and plenty of green vegetables.
When I take my carbs down so low, I will compensate by bringing protein and fats up a bit. The idea behind the very low carb is to tighten […]

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Olympia Prep (2 of 3)

Wassup muscle nerds! ;)

In an attempt to avoid the boring complacency of a typical blog, I try to add a little value into each of my blogs by giving you something you can USE.
This week, my favorite HIIT cardio regiment.( well, second to Wingates, but they weren’t an option in Venice).

First things first.

I was […]

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Olympia Prep – Part 1. The Diet Begins

Part 1 of 3.

My Prep.

My preparation for the 2012 Mr Olympia really began about 24 weeks prior to the contest. I started training my back 4 times a week(two days-twice a day each time), started ensuring I was getting at least 6 good meals a day(and a few not so good ones). The goal […]

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I just got back from a crazy weekend at the BodyPower show in the UK.

An overnight flight followed by 3 long days at the ALLMAX Nutrition booth and then

10pm workouts with the underground mutant from England, Zack Khan. For those of you that don’t know Zack, hes got about 24” arms […]

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Olympia Prep


Just a quick synopsis of my start to my Olympia prep and my mindset going into the show.

I started back on 2/day workouts, my calories are very high to sustain the new work load. The goal on the next 4 weeks is to get big and strong. Eating 95% clean foods with 1-2 […]

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Blueprint to the Arnold…..Nutrition Update

Thanks for checking out my video. Please feel free to leave me your feedback!

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