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Why Nutritional Micro-Cycles Build Muscle Faster

In the first article of this series we looked at 5 ways the traditional bulking diet is a waste of time, even downright unhealthy.

In the second, we broke down the science behind hormones – how a bulk negatively affects insulin management and ways bulking can get you fatter instead of bigger.

We wrapped by introducing […]

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The Secret of Building Muscle while Shedding Fat [Massive Muscle Part 1 of 3]

by Ben Pakulski

You want more muscle?  A lot less bodyfat?

Imagine if you could learn the secrets to completely transforming your physique?  Pack on 10 pounds of lean muscle while dropping 10 pounds of fat — you’d jump at it, right?  So would 95% of males.

Everyone wants to be more muscular and a bit leaner. […]

By |January 12th, 2015|

Pre and Peri Workout Nutrition

When hypertrophy (muscle building) is your main goal, the food and nutrients you consume around the workout is by far the most important aspect in maximizing growth and optimizing recovery.

If you’re looking to immediately accelerate growth and improve body composition, then you’d better sit down and take some notes. This is exactly where you […]

By |August 5th, 2014|

Is your Rep Speed KILLING your gains?

One of the questions I get most regularly on my site has to do with rep speed – one of the most underestimated and little-understood variables to building big muscles.

“Should I be training fast?”

“Should my reps be explosive?”

“What tempo should I use?”

“Should I vary my tempo?”

“How often should I vary tempo?”

“How much rest between […]

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The 10 Things Everyone Must Know Before Attempting to Build Muscle

What gives someone the right to teach exercise?
I watch “trainers” daily that dont know a thing about exercise posting videos “teaching” people how to train.

Just because they use the woulds “anatomical” and “its physiology” doesnt mean they have the slightest clue what theyre talking about.

Or “teaching someone the basics first”. These guys dont have […]

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Scott Tousignant Interviews Ben Pakulski

One one one candid conversation as Scott Tousignant interviews Ben Pakulski.

Scott Tousignan is a Certified Fitness Consultant and Elite Natural Bodybuilder with the UFE.

Get ready for some serious knowledge bombs in this podcast with Scott.

Here’s some of the things you will learn in the episode;

– Big breakthroughs and “aha” moments from this past year.

– What […]

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003 Dr. Jacob Wilson Interview with Ben Pakulski & John Meadows

Dr. Jacob Wilson interviewed by Ben Pakulski and Mountain Dog John Meadows.
Dr. Jacob has an unparalleled dedication to the sport of bodybuilding, and has devoted the majority of his life to helping thousands of bodybuilders reach their goals. His academic achievements are vast, and include degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology, dozens of publications, […]

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Ben Pakulski & John Meadows Muscle Expert Interview Podcast 002

Today, Ben Pakulski and Mountain Dog John Meadows share their muscle building experiences in the realm of bodybuilding. Learn the optimal way to build muscle from these two brilliant professionals.
What you will learn on today’s show:
– John Meadows shares his upcoming opportunity to train and learn from Tom Platz.
– The best way to progress […]

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Sunday Squat – Week 13

Happy Sunday, MI40 Nation!  Welcome to Day 2 of our ‘heavy’ training phase!  Last week, we kept the reps on the higher end of the hypertrophy model (12-15).  This week, however, the reps will be a bit lower.  You’ll see that we will focus on a 10 rep range for all movements.  It’s crucial […]

By |July 28th, 2013|

Sunday Squat – Week 12

Welcome back, MI40 Nation!  Now that we’ve had a successful and purposeful deload week, we can begin the next phase of the Sunday Squat.  Over the course of the upcoming weeks, we will be focusing on increasing the stress load during our training.  Obviously we’re going to continue to keep intention and time under […]

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