The MI40 Foundation

MI40 is the foundational piece of scientific muscle building information for anybody interested in: learning how to optimally execute movement patterns in the gym, achieve exponentially better muscle contractions, eat and train with precision for maximal results – ultimately, how to build muscle effectively [...]

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Myosatellite Cells: The KEY to Rapid Recovery and Accelerated Growth

However, using something called the "Cell Expansion Protocol", this is possible for everyone at any level. You can see me giving a detailed demonstration of C.E.P. for biceps here: www.mi40x.com It goes back to what I mentioned to you before: Myosatellite cells... We've proven that stimulation [...]

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MI40 Muscle Camp Recap

The las MI40 Muscle Camp was another HUGE success!! It seems like they get better every single time. More knowledge to share, more questions answered, and more excited students with life altering experiences. They are leaving here ready to DOMINATE! As always, Kassem, Joe, and myself enjoyed [...]

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7 Steps To Increase Your Appetite & Ignite Your Growth

You probably know you can’t pack on muscle if you’re not eating enough. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders have no idea just how many extra calories they really need to grow. You might even know I recommend bodybuilders eat at least a thousand extra calories over [...]

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Master Your Insulin Sensitivity For Rapid and Sustained Muscle Building [Part 3 of 3]

In the first article of this series, I broke down bulking diets... Why they’re overrated, grossly ineffective, and potentially unhealthy. Today I’m going to introduce you to a new way of adding muscle mass, one that will build muscle and melt bodyfat – at [...]

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