Is your Rep Speed KILLING your gains?

One of the questions I get most regularly on my site has to do with rep speed – one of the most underestimated and little-understood variables to building big muscles.

“Should I be training fast?”

“Should my reps be explosive?”

“What tempo should I use?”

“Should I vary my tempo?”

“How often should I vary tempo?”

“How much rest between […]

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004 Muscle Expert John Meadows & Ben Pakulski Discuss Tom Platz Leg Training

Today, John Meadows shares his once in a life time experience – being trained and coached by the legendary Tom Platz (AKA “The Golden Eagle”, AKA “The Quadfather).

Tom Platz was and is one of the most sought-after guest speakers in the world of bodybuilding, nutrition and general fitness. He was a Professor and the […]

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Scott Tousignant Interviews Ben Pakulski

One one one candid conversation as Scott Tousignant interviews Ben Pakulski.
Scott Tousignan is a Certified Fitness Consultant and Elite Natural Bodybuilder with the UFE.
Get ready for some serious knowledge bombs in this podcast with Scott.
Here’s some of the things you will learn in the episode;
- Big breakthroughs and “aha” moments from this past year.
- What […]

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Ben Pakulski, John Meadows Podcast with Fitness Expert Brad Schoenfeld

Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS, is widely regarded as one of America’s leading fitness experts. He is the president of Global Fitness Services, a diverse, multifaceted fitness corporation, and he is the owner of the exclusive Personal Training Center for Women in Scarsdale, New York.
Schoenfeld is a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder who has won numerous natural bodybuilding […]

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Sunday Squat – Week 14

Every time life has you down, there’s no better way to relieve some of the irritation, anger, and sadness than to put in on your back and squat it!  This week marks day three of our heavy training phase.  As you’d expect, the rep range is going to decrease once again, as our progression […]

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Creating a Champion’s Mindset – Work Ethic Transfer

The number one reason I see most people fail in bodybuilding isn’t due to genetics.  It isn’t due to a lack of knowledge.  Surprisingly, it isn’t even due to a lack of effort.  Inevitably, the number one reason why people often fall short of their goals is because of an inability to transfer work […]

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Shredded for Summer – The Secret Weapon

It has been well documented that calcium is an essential element, not only for bodybuilders, but for all humans.  It’s a fundamental building block that catalyzes bone growth and strengthening, lowers blood pressure, and even lowers LDL levels (That’s the BAD cholesterol).  I’m sure many of you are familiar with the now-cliché (as made […]

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Sunday Squat Week 5

Alright boys and girls; it’s that time again!  Everyone’s favorite day of the week!  Squat Sunday.

 Pre-Exhaust Leg Extensions

5 sets, 30 seconds rest between sets, 4011 temp


Warm up to a weight that you are able to use for a difficult set of 15-20.  The sets are clustered in groups of three and the weight is […]

By |June 2nd, 2013|

The Fundamentals of Arm Training

Perhaps the most universal of all physique goals includes a burning desire to get bigger arms.  After all, nothing screams masculinity (or in some cases, powerful femininity, ladies) louder than a pair of shredded, veiny, and bulging arms.  As with anything worth having, BIG arms require persistence and a methodological approach.  Luckily, I have […]

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The BEST pre workout ever created……

[PRE Workout Secret]

Alright, i was trying to upload a video of my secret new potion but its taking too long so here goes as promised….

The secret lies in both the combination of ingredients AND one little secret that the ALLMAX Nutrition R&D team and I have been brewing up.

This is only for the true […]

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