7 Steps To Increase Your Appetite & Ignite Your Growth

You probably know you can’t pack on muscle if you’re not eating enough. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders have no idea just how many extra calories they really need to grow.

You might even know I recommend bodybuilders eat at least a thousand extra calories over maintenance — every day — when trying to gain mass? Sometimes […]

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Why Nutritional Micro-Cycles Build Muscle Faster

In the first article of this series we looked at 5 ways the traditional bulking diet is a waste of time, even downright unhealthy.

In the second, we broke down the science behind hormones – how a bulk negatively affects insulin management and ways bulking can get you fatter instead of bigger.

We wrapped by introducing […]

By |January 27th, 2015|

Master Your Insulin Sensitivity For Rapid and Sustained Muscle Building

In the first article of this series, I broke down bulking diets… Why they’re overrated, grossly ineffective, and potentially unhealthy.

Today I’m going to introduce you to a new way of adding muscle mass, one that will build muscle and melt bodyfat – at the same time.

But first, lets talk about two powerful allies in […]

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Understanding the Macros: Protein (Part 2)

by David Robson

(click here for part 1)

Power proteins: which are best?
To ensure the proteins we consume are packed with the anabolic goodness essential amino acids provide, we may determine their Biological Value (BV), Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER), and Net Protein Utilization (NPU).
The net protein component of a given food may not be the […]

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Foundational Training for Muscle-Building Success (Part 3)

Ladies and Gents, I’m back again today with part 3 of the series, and this time we’re getting to the action… EXERCISE EXECUTION!

We’ll delve into a number of things you can do to OPTIMIZE and DOMINATE EVERY REP that you perform to take your muscle-growth through the freakin’ roof!

If you’ve missed parts one and […]

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HIGH CARB Diets: Why I DON’T recommend them …and what to do if you’re suffering the consequences!

What you do now affects your body down the road.
If you cram yourself full of carbohydrates on a daily basis, regardless of type of carb (even low GI carbs), your body must process these carbs and your insulin sensitivity will be decreased.

Over time, insulin resistance (the inability to use carbohydrates) is inevitable for 98% […]

By |August 27th, 2014|

Pre and Peri Workout Nutrition

When hypertrophy (muscle building) is your main goal, the food and nutrients you consume around the workout is by far the most important aspect in maximizing growth and optimizing recovery.

If you’re looking to immediately accelerate growth and improve body composition, then you’d better sit down and take some notes. This is exactly where you […]

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Essential of Exercise #2

Welcome back to MI40 University. Today Ben will be discussing essential number 2 in his “6 Essentials of Exercise” series… take a look as he walks Maria through it:

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Is your Rep Speed KILLING your gains?

One of the questions I get most regularly on my site has to do with rep speed – one of the most underestimated and little-understood variables to building big muscles.

“Should I be training fast?”

“Should my reps be explosive?”

“What tempo should I use?”

“Should I vary my tempo?”

“How often should I vary tempo?”

“How much rest between […]

By |July 17th, 2014|

004 Muscle Expert John Meadows & Ben Pakulski Discuss Tom Platz Leg Training

Today, John Meadows shares his once in a life time experience – being trained and coached by the legendary Tom Platz (AKA “The Golden Eagle”, AKA “The Quadfather).

Tom Platz was and is one of the most sought-after guest speakers in the world of bodybuilding, nutrition and general fitness. He was a Professor and the […]

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