Sunday Squat Sessions

Sunday Squat Week 4

The 4th installment of Sunday Squat is here. It’s time to get some HUGE quads! This week continues with some more quad annihilation with focused glute work. Here is your Sunday Squat! Enjoy… 1)Squats (using 4010 tempo) Warm up to working weights then: Set 1 [...]

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Sunday Squat Day Week 3

The 3rd week of squat til I get huge quads is upon us. This one is written with the intent of annihilating the glutes, which is a very important aspect in maximum quad growth as well as (more importantly) knee health. Lets roll..... Reverse Lunges [...]

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Sunday Squat Session #2

It’s Sunday so you know what that means…..Sunday Squat! Here is your "Session #2": These workouts are planned to progressively build on the previous week. If you missed “Sunday Squat Session #1” check it out here: Sunday Squat #1 I am going to plan these [...]

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Sunday Squat Session #1

EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD SQUAT…..Sunday Squat Session #1 I am going to plan these workouts so that each week is building on the previous week so we start out “slow” and each week we all get stronger together. Most of you know how to execute [...]

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