Myosatellite Cells: The KEY to Rapid Recovery and Accelerated Growth

However, using something called the Cell Expansion Protocol, this is possible for everyone at any level.


You can see me giving a detailed demonstration of C.E.P. for biceps here:


It goes back to what I mentioned to you before: Myosatellite cells…

We’ve proven that stimulation of muscle tissue using CEP Training dramatically increases myosatellite cell production.  Satellite cells are cells made by your body to help repair muscle damage…

So, just think about it for a second; If you stimulate your muscles using CEP, and CEP produces FAR MORE satellite cells than traditional training, that means you recover MUCH faster.

Faster recovery means faster muscle growth, because a muscle ONLY grows during recovery.

Getting the really big picture now? Less time in the gym, plus 4 minutes of CEP training at the end of your training for a muscle group.  You get a ton more of your body’s most powerful muscle-building recovery cells speeding to your aching body parts. Blasting your recovery through the roof.  Expanding the size, recovery capability, and volume of EACH muscle cell.


they say seeing is believing. Yet when it comes to CEP, trust me when I say that once you FEEL the protocol for yourself, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Because I want you to enjoy the benefits of this breakthrough new method, I provide a full step-by-step demonstration of CEP for biceps at the end of the video on this page:


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.25.23 AM

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