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1:02:25 What you eat before training often has a more dramatic effect on your post training nutrients and just eating after – Paul Carter

Author, coach, speaker, awesome dad and good friend Paul Carter joins Ben on the Muscle Expert Podcast today! The conversations goes into much more than just your typical fitness podcast episode, Paul and Ben cover all the major areas every man needs to master to live the ultimate life. Become their version of the ultimate modern man. Build better relationships with your partner and much more. 

Key Insights:

  • Tactics for better focus and practicing meditation during training and being present all the time.
  • How to retrain your body to eat intuitive eating and not eating just because of old belief and fear of losing muscle.
  • mTOR and cancer, fasted training, decreasing protein intake for the longevity,
  • Recovery protocols for life,
  • Parenting,
  • Pauls his latest book with Christian Thibaudeau, the maximum muscle bible and much more.


  • 12:40 Feeling like a man, be sexy, “I am statements” for you and your partner. Avoiding comparisons, appreciating the process.

  • 13:00 Are you afraid to express emotion?

  • 14:30 The negative impacts of suppressing emotions, Paul’s recovery protocols, responding and coping with stress.

  • 18:00 How to mitigate stress and optimize your day.

  • 19:45 The benefits of creating “Whitespace” Why you need to create white space in your day for brain recovery.

  • 23:00 Paul’s trick for immediately bringing you out of your head and back to the present moment. A trick for avoiding fights with your significant other.

  • 26:10 How to meditate during your training, slowing the breath during sets, reducing perceived exertion and maximizing output.

  • 27:33 Breathing into the muscle you’re working, Quality vs quantity? What Dorian Yates got right early on. The optimal amount of sets to perform when training

  • 34:31 The real reason why Ben got into bodybuilding and why Ben left it.

  • 38:20 Re- learning your intuitive eating, how to reprogramming your body to not eat like a bodybuilder.

  • 39:04 The Dove Bar Story.

  • 41:30 mTOR and cancer. How much protein should you eat?

  • 45:20 Myofibrillar Vs Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy do you have real muscle or just water? The truth about losing muscle. 15 to 20 minute food timing.

  • 51:46 The lift run bang morning routine. Fasting, ketones and more.

  • 54:00 Call of Duty and reducing stress.

  • 55:25 The type of book that every man at age 18 should read.

  • 56:30 Understanding women, snuggling with your woman.

  • 1:01:20 The meaning of life. Achieving ultimate happiness. 

  • 1:07:40 Eating 2 meals a day, Paul Carter’s diet. Carbs post training do you need them?

  • 1:12:00 Train to failure. Eat till failure.

  • 1:14:10 The Maximum Muscle Bible, Hypertrophy for crossfit athletes, powerlifters and more.


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