Sunday Squat Sessions

Sunday Squat – Week 14

Every time life has you down, there’s no better way to relieve some of the irritation, anger, and sadness than to put in on your back and squat it!  This week marks day three of our heavy training phase.  As you’d expect, the rep range [...]

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Sunday Squat – Week 13

Happy Sunday, MI40 Nation!  Welcome to Day 2 of our ‘heavy’ training phase!  Last week, we kept the reps on the higher end of the hypertrophy model (12-15).  This week, however, the reps will be a bit lower.  You’ll see that we will focus on [...]

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Sunday Squat – Week 12

Welcome back, MI40 Nation!  Now that we’ve had a successful and purposeful deload week, we can begin the next phase of the Sunday Squat.  Over the course of the upcoming weeks, we will be focusing on increasing the stress load during our training.  Obviously we’re [...]

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Sunday Squat – Week 11

Glad to see everyone was able to crawl out from the gym last week and moreover that everyone made it back safe and sound for this week’s edition of the Sunday Squat.  I have some news for you, which could be potentially relieving or mildly [...]

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Sunday Squat – Week 10

If you’re reading this, I think I owe you a congratulations.  You’ve made it this far, and now we’ve reached the final Sunday of our mutli-week periodization of the Sunday Squat.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back next week with a new installment, this is merely [...]

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Sunday Squat – Week 9

Welcome back MI40 Nation, Hypertrophy Max enthusiasts, and BPak supporters worldwide!   Today we’re back on the Sunday Squat grind with another grueling, quad crushing, hamstring shreddin’, killer leg workout.  As many of you know, last week began a periodization of lower rest periods.  All rest [...]

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Sunday Squat Week 7

This week’s Sunday Squat starts off his a 1-2 superset PUNCH. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our new ‘Theme of the Month,’ check it out here:   Squats (Narrow Stance/Wide Stance Superset) A1)10 reps narrow stance (slightly tighter than shoulder width), [...]

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Sunday Squat Week 6

Everyone’s favorite day of the week is back. No nonsense, no gimmicks, and definitely no sissies allowed. We’re going to step it up hardcore this week and throw in some intensifying techniques to stimulate an INSANE amount of muscle fibers. For those of you who [...]

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Sunday Squat Week 5

Alright boys and girls; it’s that time again!  Everyone’s favorite day of the week!  Squat Sunday.  Pre-Exhaust Leg Extensions 5 sets, 30 seconds rest between sets, 4011 temp  Squats Warm up to a weight that you are able to use for a difficult set of [...]

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