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Want YOUR questions answered?

Ladies and Gents,

Just a really quick post to ask for your help!

Well, you help me, and i’ll help you.
I want TWO things of you:
1) Scroll down to the comment list below and tell me EXACTLY what you
want to learn about most with regard to muscle building nutrition?

2)Make this post go viral so I get […]

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3 weeks “down undah” -HypertrophyMAX Bootcamps take over Australia

3 weeks of HypertrophyMAX muscle bootcamps. Im sure the camp attendees should be the ones complaining about being tired after being annihilated by 10 workouts in 5 days BUT…. 2 workouts each day, 3+hrs of seminars each day and a whole lot of barking out orders and keeping the guys and ladies motivated to […]

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