Muscle Growth Lessons From a Pro Bodybuilder: 10 Things I Wish I Knew 20 Years Ago

With respect to nutrition for muscle growth, if I could go back, there are a few super simple keys I’d make sure my thick-skulled self knew really well.  Simple steps to allow me to massively accelerate my muscle building, minimize fat gain, and maximize [...]

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The Fat Loss Pyramid

Key Point Summary There are 5 ‘levels’, or stages, you must implement IN ORDER to optimize fat loss Nutrition should be specific to your training, simply being in a caloric deficit is insufficient Muscular contractions burn calories, not getting a weight from point A [...]

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7 Steps To Increase Your Appetite & Ignite Your Growth

You probably know you can’t pack on muscle if you’re not eating enough. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders have no idea just how many extra calories they really need to grow. You might even know I recommend bodybuilders eat at least a thousand extra calories over [...]

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The Secret of Building Muscle while Shedding Fat [Part 1 of 3]

  by Ben Pakulski You want more muscle?  A lot less bodyfat? Imagine if you could learn the secrets to completely transforming your physique?  Pack on 10 pounds of lean muscle while dropping 10 pounds of fat — you’d jump at it, right?  So [...]

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Understanding the Macros: Protein (Part 1)

by David Robson Of the three macronutrients responsible for supporting health, wellbeing and the muscle building process, protein could be classed as the nutritional rock star. In fact, an exhortation to consume large quantities of it forms the most commonly expressed, though outrageously simplistic, [...]

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