MI40 Muscle Camp Recap

The las MI40 Muscle Camp was another HUGE success!!

It seems like they get better every single time. More knowledge to share, more questions answered, and more excited students with life altering experiences. They are leaving here ready to DOMINATE!

As always, Kassem, Joe, and myself enjoyed taking time with each student to help them improve on their personal exercise execution and how to fit an exercise to match their desired result.


NEVER fit yourself to an exercise or believe that a particular machine must
be good for you. Some machines only fit certain people and you have to learn what fits you and how to modify those exercises that don’t fit as well so that you can get the most out of them.

That is just one of the many things our students learned this past weekend.


Here are the top 10 takeaways from this weekend’s camp:

  1. The mechanics of exercise, are fixed and 100% based on physics.
  2. If you lack mobility it is because your body lacks stability. Correct the instability and your mobility will improve on its own. Instability=Weakness
  3. You must keep your knees tracking in line with or outside of your toes, NOT inside, when doing any type of leg movement.
  4. You are not ‘stronger’ at the top of a squat, your leverage is better and the torque on your muscles are less (we’ll save the science and physics behind that for when you make it to camp 😉
  5. Accommodating resistance (a.k.a. using bands or chains) is a GREAT tool, but, like any tool, you may not want to use it all the time.IMG_0647
  6. Two steps to make you squat more quad-dominant (depending on your personal biomechanics) 1- widen your stance 2- elevate your heels. For both, initiate the movement with your knees going forward, NOT your hips going back.
  7. When training calves, the location of pressure on the foot determines the stimulus NOT the position of your toes (pointing in or out) and picture the motion of a wheel-barrow…up, then forward.
  8. Most people who aren’t growing are simply under-stimulating their muscular system.
  9. Just because you are eating something doesn’t mean your body will be able to use it if your digestion is poor. Optimize gut health with glutamine, probiotics, and avoid foods that cause inflammation.
  10. Optimizing your neurotransmitters (Serotonin, GABA, Acetylcholine, Dopamine) is one of the most overlooked and underrated aspects of training and recovery. Balance your brain’s signaling and both training and recovery will dramatically improve. Each has a very specific function that can and should be utilized to stimulate your brain and nervous system according to your desired outcome.


The atmosphere of intensity and a hunger for knowledge was thick and in the air like the smell of cigar smoke at a cigar lounge. You cannot truly appreciate it until you attend one of these camps.

Just having all that enthusiasm for training, nutrition, and education in one room always gets me PUMPED UP to train.


The workouts were designed as teaching tools and our primary goal was perfecting execution, but we still had students busting their butts every single workout.

The #1 thing we drilled in at every opportunity is the 6 essentials of exercise execution for hypertrophy. If you are not familiar with the 6 Essentials of Exercise Execution, check them out on MI40 Nation.

I hope to see you at one of our camps soon so we can help you take your training and knowledge to the NEXT LEVEL!


Register HERE to lock in your spot for one of the upcoming camps. They fill up quick!



Educate & Dominate


BPak out!

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