Muscle Building Training & Tips

23 – Joe Bennett: Proper exercise selection, muscle activation techniques and the holy grail of muscle building.

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Understanding Each Training Phase to Optimize Muscle Gain and Body Composition

There are four main phases of training that you must periodize for optimal growth and body composition. Yes, they lie on a continuum and there can be some overlap depending on how your training is set up, but here are the basics of each [...]

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Lagging Muscle Groups: Seek the Holy Grail or… go back to school?

By Gabriele Trapani MI40 Italian Ambassador Even though we may make a concerted effort in our sweaty workouts, we all have certain muscle groups that are more resistant and difficult in terms of growth: thanks to certain basic training practices, we can still get good [...]

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Expert Advice: Hypertrophy and Strength Periodization Programming (Part 2)

Don't miss Part 1 here Pulling it All Together and Where to Start If you've been training for strength pounding away in the 3-5 rep range at 85% of 1 Rep Max and up, or if you've just finished a peaking phase, you need to [...]

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Expert Advice (updated): Hypertrophy and Strength Periodization Programming (Part 1)

Where does hypertrophy training fit into a strength athlete’s training cycle?  For strength athletes, or for those who just want to get stronger for that matter, the majority of information leans itself towards meet peaking/meet prep training cycles.  But that is only a piece [...]

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