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Our special guest is Kris Gethin, the author of Author Of The Best Selling Books Body By Design And The Transformer, CEO and founder of KAGED MUSCLE Supplements, Natural Pro Bodybuilder, Owner/founder of Gethin Gyms, Head Male Spokesmodel For and Director Of Trainers For Physique Global.

In this episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast Ben and Kris cover Kris’s story from a small farm in Wales to building a top supplement company, the mental preparation or triathlon training, Ben’s post bodybuilding plans and much much more.

2:15 – How Kris’ childhood drove him to pursue his passions and shaped his perspective

3:50 – Why Kris did not play any team sports growing up

4:30 – Motocross and transitioning into bodybuilding

6:45 – Kris’ driving factor to train and live the bodybuilding lifestyle

8:40 – Mentors and role models

14:15 – Motivation for doing the Ironman triathlon

15:50 – Unorthodox training methods

18:10 – Mental preparation and planning

24:00 – Recovery optimization

30:40 – Mentally making through the hardest training

34:20 – Ben’s past endurance training history and plans for after bodybuilding

37:30 – Kris’ morning ritual super-shake and supplement regime

41:35 – Why Kris tested Kaged Muscle supplements on himself first

45:00 – Hydrocharge

46:15 – Challenges with maintaining high supplement quality

47:45 – What’s next after the Ironman?

48:25 – Kris’ current reading and recommended books

49:20 – Three people you’d want to have dinner with (dead or alive)?

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