Our special guest is Charles Poliquin, Charles is one of the world’s most successful strength coaches in the world and produced medals and wins for elite athletes in a variety of sports. He’s coached and trained the some of the biggest names the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, winter and summer Olympics. Charles has coached over 800 Olympians, author of 14 books on strength training, creator of Poliquin Performance Center, and is an expert in muscle, strength and making athletes stronger and faster on any surface.

In this episode:2:50 Neurotransmitter Training4:40 Charles’s Approach to Training Wrestling Gold Medal Winner Helen Maroulis7:00 High Impact supplements for Olympic athletes, lowering estrogen and weight cutting supplement tactics.12:30 Optimizing brain function pre-work to enhance acetylcholine production16:15 How to eat to maximize brain and muscle performance17:00 The best way to do intermittent fasting22:15 How to use intermittent fasting without hindering training performance23:50 Training fasted, setting up your neurotransmitters for a quality training session.26:15 Beyond the Braverman test for testing for neurotransmitter profile.31:20 The two types of neurotransmitter precursors everyone needs to have a great workout.35:00 Dosing aminos for recovery. Addressing the yin process.37:30 Why you need to vary your food intake.39:00 Addressing food intolerances by avoiding stimulants and pre workout supplements41:05 Gratitude, meditation and morning routine practices for having a highly productive day.45:45 Charles’s current books and best book recommendations49:55 Kill one, f#@k one, marry one; what would Charles do.52:35 Favorite cheat meal53:10 Core values Charles has instilled in his daughter.56:00 What’s in Charles’s coffee.59:00 The one thing Charles wish he knew about 10 years ago.1:03:00 The 3 biggest influences in Charles’s life currently.1:09:55 How to increase the IQ of everyone in the world

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