30 – Brad Schoenfeld, New research on the mind-muscle connection, future of nutrition and training optimization, eccentric training and more!


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Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS, AKA the hypertrophy specialist joins Ben to breakdown and discuss the latest research in hypertrophy training. Ben and Brad go over some of recent studies Brad’s seen on the mind muscle connection,  eccentric training, optimal training volume for advanced and untrained trainees, ideal protein intake according to the current research and much more.

Ben’s also gets Dr. Schoenfeld’s take on the future of nutrition and training customization using genetic testing, utilizing intra set stretching protocols for hypertrophy and some of his upcoming events and seminars! 


In this Episode:

5:00 – Breaking research on the mind muscle connection and does it translates to muscle growth.

8:50 – Eccentric training Vs concentric training, muscle damage and what Dr. Schoenfeld has found.

14:30 – Standardizing for muscle recruitment, higher standards for exercise technique and exercise execution in bodybuilding research for

18:40 – Why the research is not enough.

22:20 – Intra stretching, the best growth Ben’s ever seen and exactly how to do it.

26:10 – Regulating training volume, what the research says about training volume for advanced and untrained trainees.

30:00 – Going to failure V. Stopping short? Here’s what science says.

32:00 – Eccentric training and the MAPK pathway. What’s actually happening inside the muscle. Intracellular signaling.

36:20 – Powerlifting v Bodybuilding routines and what Dr. Schoenfeld’s research has looked at when comparing the two head to head.

40:10 – Standardizing for nutrition in research, the anabolic window and does it make a difference if you wait a few hours or consume protein immediately after the workout.

52:30 – What is optimal protein intake?

54:50 – Myostatin research, genetics and how it affects hypertrophy, diet and nutrition.

59:45 – Brad’s current nutrition and training regimen. His personal split and nutritional habits and standards.

1:03:10 – Fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. Muscle fiber recruitment. Optimal rep ranges and loading parameters for specific exercises and body parts

1:05:00 – Brad’s favorite city, cheat meal, technology.

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