37 – Bigger, Stronger, Faster, The Force Vector Theory? Optimizing Glute Training and more with Bret Contreras

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Biomechanics expert and glute specialist, Bret Contreras PhD joins Ben on the podcast to dig into the details on enhancing speed, strength and building powerful glutes. Bret, and Ben cover controversial studies that have recently been published, internal vs external cueing and when to effectively use each, plus three of the biggest paradigm shifting truths about hypertrophy from Bret.


5:45 Beyond skinny, Bret’s early days of weighing less than most girls.

19:50 Barbells v Plate loaded machines for athletes? Muscle architecture and more.

21:30 Force velocity profiles, the shotgun approach vs just focusing on weaknesses. Which brings about better performance results ?

22:20 Quarter squats better for jumps and sprints.

29:40 The huge pendulum swing in the research community.

31:42 The Force vector theory.

36:05 Where research needs to go to deliver useful info for coaches and athletes.

39:30 Internal v external cueing? When to use which?

47:30 The greatest advantage of training like a bodybuilder that everyone can benefit from.

50:40 Autoregulation, tempo for reducing injury and training around them.


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