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Welcome to the Muscle Expert Podcast Ryan Glatt!  Ryan is formerly with the Peak Brain Institute and currently is a programmer for SmartFit writing protocols for improving cognitive performance while working out.  Ryan and Ben discuss ways to take control of your brain health to improve cognition through motor learning, exercise and daily mindfulness.

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Time Stamps

3:00 Why Ryan got into corrective exercise and neurology.

7:15- Ryan’s approach to mental and physical health.

10:55- How we can influence cognitive function through training and nutrition.

13:45- What constitutes brain health?

16:45- How much of your brain health can you influence?

20:00- What are the benefits that you can see from training for brain health?

21:30- The best ways to influence your brain health according to Ryan.

25:00- How protein influences the building of neuro pathways.

28:10- Is it better to become an expert in one area or to learn many different skills for general brain health?

31:50- What are the long term benefits of continued motor learning?

33:00 -The neurochemical effects of training.

36:10- Adjusting your training based on your neurochemical balance.

37:10- Nutrition for brain health.

38:50- What environmental factors influence your brain health?

41:45- Rapid Fire! How to cope with anxiety and lack of sleep.

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