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Joining us today is the founder of Joovv Light, Scott Nelson. Scott brings us all of the latest research on red light and near-infrared light therapy and the benefits that it brings. We dive into the fascinating topic of deuterium and how it’s accumulation may lead to increased risk of cancer and other chronic illness. We also discuss how research is showing benefits ranging from increased collegian production, increased stem cell growth, benefits for exercise, and positive impact on mitochondria and micro biome. Sun light may be the greatest health hack that has been found and similar light therapies are a close second. Listen all the way through to hear how proper light exposure can improve everything from your workouts to your sleep.


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Show Notes

5:00- The latest research on how red and near-infrared light helps to keep deuterium levels low in your body.

13:00- The benefits of red and infrared light on exercise, collegian production, stem cells and more.

19:00- How red light therapy effects intracellular water and mitochondria.  How red light therapy mimics the effects of the sun.

25:30- The communication network between mitochondria and micro biome and how light affects it.

28:30- Ben’s experiments with red light therapy and its effects on his sleep.

33:30- How our routines have drastically changed over the past few decades and the effects of decreased natural light exposure.

36:00- Traumatic brain injuries and red light therapy.

42:30- What does it take to put together an at home Joovv system?

46:00- What to look for when purchasing a red light system and how should you use it?


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