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This week we have Kurtis Frank also known as SilverHydra on twitter.  A lead researcher on supplements.  Ben and Kurtis take a deep dive on nootropics, influencing your neurotransmitters, and what a safe and effective brain-boost stack looks like.

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Time Stamps:

1:35- Dispelling the myths of nootropics. 

5:45- Dopamine, acetylcholine the benefits and drawbacks.

8:30- The vitamin effect.  Using nootropics that your body will use only as needed.

10:15- Neurotransmitters, the 10:2 ratio and emotion.

12:20-  Kurtis’ insights on nootropics influencing the dopamine pathways.

13:45- How to influence acetylcholine and the resurgence of Alpha GPC.

16:10- Kurtis’ favorite nootropic.

17:50- Can methylated B vitamins influence your cognitive performance?

20:25- Caffeine as an enhancement aide and it’s insurmountable tolerance.

22:45- Nootropic side effects.  Giving your body down time in between doses.

25:05- The Racetam family and the start of nootropics. How they work, legality and side effects.

29:00- Pulling it together.  What a safe and effective brain-boost stack looks like.

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