Joining Ben today is Dr. Jeremy Loenneke, assistant professor of Health, Exercise Science & Recreation Management at The University of Mississippi. Ben and Jeremy dive deep on blood flow restriction training, the most common myths of strength and hypertrophy training and how pro athletes will be training in the near future.


“Jeremy’s research focuses on skeletal muscle adaptations to exercise in combination with blood flow restriction. His recent work has answered several important methodological and safety questions with respect to applying blood flow restriction. Dr. Loenneke is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Physiological Society. He also serves as a peer reviewer for several journals including Sports Medicine, AGE, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, and the Journal of Applied Physiology.”

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Key Highlights

⇾ The truth behind the mechanisms of hypertrophy, what you don’t know. 

⇾  Is periodization better than progressive overload?

⇾ How the best athletes on the planet will be training in 10 years.

⇾ How to be a part of the new hypertrophy execution masterclass.

Time Stamps:

 3:24 – Is periodization better than progressive overload?

4:00 – Hans Selye, general adaptation syndrome research. 

6:10 – Ben’s approach to programming, explained. 

9:35 – The glaring problem with the bigger you get the stronger you get thought process. Jeremy’s  current research. 

12:44 – The mechanisms of hypertrophy, what you don’t know. 

20:15 – Hypertrophy myths.

29:40 – Acute changes in hormones and its influence on muscle hypertrophy.

32:00 – 

38:00 – Blood flow restriction training, who is it for? Who is it NOT for? 

45:54 – The goal of blood flow restriction training. 

48:25 – Best applications for blood flow restriction training. 

55:53 – The greatest advancements in training in the next 10 years

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