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Mike Matthews, host of the Muscle for Life Podcast as well as the author of Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, joins us today to chat with Ben about building a fitness business, how to maintain a killer figure and make the most of your time.  Ben and Mike dive deep on the training, mentality and steps to become a fitness influencer.

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Time Stamps

5:30- What to expect when you are getting absolutely shredded.

7:00- Calories in Calories out?  How our overall health effects fat loss and the challenges of tracking macros.

11:50- Mike’s thoughts on muscle loss during extreme dieting.

16:00- Ben’s experience with fat gain while fasting. 

20:15- Mike’s cut process.  How he prepares for appearances and photoshoots when he has to look shredded.

26:00- Bigger, Leaner, Stronger- the story behind Mike’s book and how it came to fruition.

29:45- Bigger, Leaner, Stronger- the synopsis.

30:30- Why Mike is an advocate for compound lifting.  Squats, deadlifts and benchpress.

35:00-  How to train “the outliers” the people who don’t naturally fit a traditional exercise.

40:10-  Mike’s advice for people who are trying to start a business and his marketing tips for new businesses.

48:45- Taking responsibility for you actions.  The guys thoughts on self responsibility.

55:15- Content Marketing- Mike’s thought on the future of marketing.

59:20-  MuscleforLife.com– What’s next for Mike’s online platform.

62:00- Mike’s book recommendations.

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