160- Optimum Protein Consumption for Athletes with The Head of the International Protein Board Dr. Rob Wildman

Dr. Rob Wildman joins us to dive deep on protein consumption for trained individuals.  We discuss the limitations of current RDA values, how protein synthesis works, and what is optimal vs recommended.  Dr. Wildman gives us his optimal timing around workouts, best protein sources and much more!

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Show Notes

  • Requirements vs. Recommendations: How Much Nutrients do you need to Build Muscle, Optimize Health and Longevity? 3:00

  • Gains vs. Maintains: How Much Extra Protein is needed to Maintain your Muscle Mass? 5:15

  • How Much Can the Average Person Assimilate Per Serving of Protein? 7:09

  • The Science Behind the Optimization/Absorption of Protein. 10:00

  • What is the Recommend US Guidelines for Protein Compared to What he Recommends? 13:40

  • What are Things that Directly Influence our Daily Protein Requirement? 16:29

  • How does Frequency of Training affect Muscle Protein Synthesis? 19:50

  • The Research and Science behind how Muscle Protein Synthesis Works. 22:19

  • What does Research say about Slow Acting Proteins? 25:00

  • The Idea of Achieving a Certain Amount of Amino Acids in the Blood. 26:36

  • Would the Average Person Benefit from More Protein in their Diet? 29:24

  • Are there any Negative Effects to Too Much Protein? 33:00

  • For People with Kidney Dysfunction, When does Too Much Protein Become an Issue? 38:27

  • The Implications of High Dietary Meat Intake in Depleting Body’s Glycine. 39:22

  • The Bottom Line on Collagen. 41:21

  • The Differences Between Whey and Isolate Protein & Which One Should You Be Using. 43:14

  • Can we Nourish the Muscle with Protein while we Sleep? 46:24

  • Is it Necessary for us to Re-Sensitize Ourselves to Protein? 50:07

  • The Rally Cry of the Amino Acids. The Benefits and Importance of Leucine. 52:12

  • What is Exciting Things are Going on with Dymatize? 55:02

  • Why Would one take BCAA’s over Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate? 56:55

  • How Long as Dymatize been a Business? 58:03

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  • International Protein Board (@ProteinBoard) | Twitter

  • International Protein (@international_protein) • Instagram

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