I just got back from a crazy weekend at the BodyPower show in the UK.

An overnight flight followed by 3 long days at the ALLMAX Nutrition booth and then

10pm workouts with the underground mutant from England, Zack Khan. For those of you that don’t know Zack, hes got about 24” arms and is probably the hardest training IFBB pro ive met to date (Coleman, Cutler and Yates excluded, theyre on a whole new level).  Minimal sleep and minimal food but we still managed to generate some epic workouts that left us both laying on the floor…bringing back the old school!

Im currently back in Toronto training with my long term training partners and having some great sessions.  These guys really know how to bring out the best of me. I think ive put an inch on my arms and legs since ive been here.

As many of you know by now, im a 2x/day training guy. Ive really begun to love this style. It takes a lot of overall strain off my joints and endocrine systems, and allows e to focus 100% intensity on blasting my muscles, fast, hard, go home!  My body is adapting quickly and I feel like I can barely keep up with the volume of food I need to sustain these workouts.

The rest of my day is filled with writing my newest program Hypertrophy-MAX. Basically im researching and writing my most current training models and periodizing a whole year of training. Its so much fun. Not many people will actually take the time to look into the science of how much rest, how often to train, how often to switch workouts, how often to train heavy, or how often to train for hypertrophy exclusively (credit jamal). So, basically im reading every thing I can find written in the last 20 years on how to do this most effectively(most of this stuff ive already been using on myself for the last 3 years.)


My diet at the moment consists of 5500 calories, very high protein(500g) and high carb (500g) and just under 100g of fat. This is a shear bulking style diet. No real regard for adding some bodyfat. Although when training twice a day, I think im getting leaner since ive started this.


The Toronto Pro show is next weekend (june 1-2) and I will be there representing my badass sponsor ALLMAX nutrition. These guys have been incredible to me and I love being a part of the family. Stop by and meet the team if you are in the area.

I will also be putting on a seminar on Sunday June 3rd in Toronto. The promoters are actually doing something really cool by giving you back 100% of the value of the ticket in FREE STUFF! My DVDs, supplements, shirts, free organic lunch,  AND best of all, a chance to win a workout with me, YOU choose the workout! Yikes! Email bpseminars@gmail.com for details. Theyre only taking a maximum of 30 attendees so that everyone gets some time to speak with me personally about their fitness goals.

Other than all that, things are going great. Ive never been so motivated in my life like I am for this Olympia, but at the same time being smart to not get ahead of myself and hurt myself.

Hope everyone is killing it in the gym, and learning something every day!

As always, please take a moment to comment below and let me know what you want to hear about next blog. Ive got a video blog

coming next week. Keep an eye out for that.



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