The Fat Loss Pyramid

Key Point Summary There are 5 ‘levels’, or stages, you must implement IN ORDER to optimize fat loss Nutrition should be specific to your training, simply being in a caloric deficit is insufficient Muscular contractions burn calories, not getting a weight from point A to point B Observe and implement your MED (minimum effective dose) [...]

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Scitec Has Arrived!

Scitec Nutrition supplements are now available in the USA!   Get 25% OFF with the code "Ben"   Find out why I joined forces with Scitec and check out their awesome line here:  

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Calorie Shifting : Improving Body Composition

Training periodization has been used successfully for several decades within the bodybuilding and sporting community. However, the idea of nutrient periodization or cycling has struggled to catch on, with most people sticking to the old school off season bulks and pre contest linear cuts / diets. Much like training or certain supplements, our body adapts [...]

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Resistant Starch: Super-Carb for Body Composition

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Exclusive VIP content from behind the scenes at the Arnold Classic! Register here: (You can't get this anywhere else)   After fat in the ‘80s, carbohydrates have also had their fair share of time in the media spotlight, with the need or health benefit of carbohydrates being heavily debated. Although no [...]

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7 Steps To Increase Your Appetite & Ignite Your Growth

You probably know you can’t pack on muscle if you’re not eating enough. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders have no idea just how many extra calories they really need to grow. You might even know I recommend bodybuilders eat at least a thousand extra calories over maintenance — every day — when trying to gain mass? Sometimes [...]

By |April 7th, 2015|

Why Nutritional Micro-Cycles Build Muscle Faster

In the first article of this series we looked at 5 ways the traditional bulking diet is a waste of time, even downright unhealthy. In the second, we broke down the science behind hormones – how a bulk negatively affects insulin management and ways bulking can get you fatter instead of bigger. We wrapped by [...]

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The Secret of Building Muscle while Shedding Fat [Massive Muscle Part 1 of 3]

  by Ben Pakulski You want more muscle?  A lot less bodyfat? Imagine if you could learn the secrets to completely transforming your physique?  Pack on 10 pounds of lean muscle while dropping 10 pounds of fat — you’d jump at it, right?  So would 95% of males. Everyone wants to be more muscular and [...]

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Understanding the Macros: Protein (Part 1)

by David Robson Of the three macronutrients responsible for supporting health, wellbeing and the muscle building process, protein could be classed as the nutritional rock star. In fact, an exhortation to consume large quantities of it forms the most commonly expressed, though outrageously simplistic, of bodybuilding mandates: lift heavy and eat more protein! Protein is [...]

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My 3 Favourite ‘Offseason’ Recipes

For many bodybuilders, ‘anything’ goes in the offseason. Some bodybuilders simply enjoy eating and are happy to let themselves go after a long period of dieting down. Some just want to maximize their muscle growth and so often think it a good idea (wrongly) to stuff down whatever ‘calories’ they can get their hands on, [...]

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My 3 Favourite “Guilt Free” Desserts (Recipes Included!)

I have a confession to make that might shock you! Are you ready for this? ...I LOVE Desserts! ;) Though really, who doesn’t, right? I’m sure you all probably enjoy them too... at least WHILE eating them. You can’t avoid the cravings forever, but I’ll bet it doesn’t take long before the guilt sets in [...]

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