Ladies and Gents,

Just a really quick post to ask for your help!

Well, you help me, and i’ll help you.

I want TWO things of you:

1) Scroll down to the comment list below and tell me EXACTLY what you
want to learn about most with regard to muscle building nutrition?

2)Make this post go viral so I get 10,000 comments. 😀

“Like” it up, share it up.


I just started writing a book with one of the most brilliant minds in the world
of muscle building and nutrition and we want to make sure we dont miss a thing!

Im sure I could easily think of 95% of the questions you are going to ask before
you ask them (ive been doing this stuff for a long time) but I want to get you
all involved and answer YOUR question.

Ask yourself,

  • what is my weakest link?
  • what about nutrition do I question?
  • what about your nutrition needs to be better?
  • what is holding you back from the body you want? (Knowledge wise-not financially or anabolics pls)
  • what do you THINK you know, but every one else seems to be doing something different?

IF we hit 5,000 minimum comments I am going to choose the 5 BEST entries and provide those 5 people with full 12 week diet plans to be included as part of the case studies for my new book!

Lets go big, the only way we know how! 😉


What Do You Think?