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69 – Hans Eng & Rowena Gates Mitigating Oxidative Stress and Improving Recovery

Accelerate recovery and mitigate oxidative stress with this new cutting edge technology created by today's guests.  CEO, Hans Eng and VP of Business Development, Rowena Gates from Eng3corp join Ben for an in-depth look at the benefits that can be seen by optimizing recovery through accelerated recovery Hans and Rowena breakdown [...]

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68 – Jean-Francois Tremblay The Peptide Masterclass, SARMS and Myostatin Inhibitors

On the podcast today is one of the most knowledgeable human beings on the planet in the field of performance-enhancing substances, SARMs (specific androgen receptor modulators), and bio-regulatory and repairing peptides. Our guest, Jean Francois Tremblay from UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal) talks with Ben about the use of peptides, SARMS, [...]

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67 – Steve Sims: How To Execute the Impossible, Wild Stories from The Real Life Wizard of Oz

What is holding you back from living the most epic life you could ever imagine?  Today our guest shares the skills needed to bridge the gap between where you are now and the life you want to create for yourself. Steve Sims author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen and CEO [...]

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66 – Jeremy Loenneke Blood Flow Restriction Training, Hypertrophy Myths and The Future of High Performance Training

Joining Ben today is Dr. Jeremy Loenneke, assistant professor of Health, Exercise Science & Recreation Management at The University of Mississippi. Ben and Jeremy dive deep on blood flow restriction training, the most common myths of strength and hypertrophy training and how pro athletes will be training in the near future. Bio "Jeremy's research focuses [...]

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65 – Jason Ferruggia Morning Routines, Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone and Becoming a Decisive Man

Today, the creator of the top-ranked podcast, Renegade Radio, world-renowned strength & conditioning specialist and all around badass, Jason Ferruggia joins Ben on the podcast. Jason and Ben discuss everything from morning routine hacks to master your mindset, simple rules, and exercises to become a more decisive man, why Ben missed his high school prom [...]

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64 – Zach Bush MD, On hydration & gut health for faster muscle gains and how to increase glutathione levels by 800%

   EPISODE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT ON RESTORE4LIFE*! Use code MUSCLE1KS until Dec 29, 2017, for a 20% discount on RESTORE4LIFE*! Triple board-certified physician, Dr. Zach Bush MD joins Ben today to expose the truth about the serious issues hindering performance and longevity in our food supply, our water and even the air we breathe. Ben and [...]

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63 – Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on Muscle-Centric Medicine, Keto-veganism? Eliminating Estrogens and Optimizing Hormones

Today on the Muscle Expert podcast, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, our second female guest on the show talks with Ben about "muscle centric medicine". Ben and Dr. Lyon also get into the cutting edge health and performance interventions she is using with her own clients, ranging from PGA golfers, NASCAR drivers and Navy SEALS.  About [...]

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62 – Andy Murphy The Dickens Process, Mirror Neurons and Reprogramming Your Brain

A master practitioner of neurolingusitics and mental performance, entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach, joins Ben to dive into neuroscience, NLP and more. Andy Murphy shares the real and raw truth about what is needed to interrupt your negative mental patterns and make lasting changes in your life, body and mindset on today on the podcast. [...]

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61 – Dr. Hardt, Alpha Training, Train Your Brainwaves To Perform At A Peak Level in 7 Days

Download the transcript here! Physicist, psychologist, and psychophysiologist, with over forty years of research and clinical practice in neurofeedback brainwave enhancement, Dr. James V Hardt talks with Ben today on how we can use a 7 Day brain training program to learn how to control our brainwaves. Official Bio:  Dr. Hardt, is the President and [...]

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