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How to Gain Muscle Without Fat: Thought Process and Logical Approach

Click below to see the nutritional cycling strategies I use for myself and my clients for consistent muscle gain and improved body composition throughout every phase of training: Yes, I'm ready for unstoppable growth without fat! . Show me more about the program >> . As I walk around backstage at [...]

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Resistant Starch: Super-Carb for Body Composition

 After fat in the ‘80s, carbohydrates have also had their fair share of time in the media spotlight, with the need or health benefit of carbohydrates being heavily debated. Although no carbohydrate is categorically “bad” and all types or sources can have their place in a healthy, balanced diet, it is resistant starch which defiantly [...]

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The Two Biggest Fat Loss Sins [Part 2 of 3]

So you’ve decided -- this is the year you finally get ripped.Not “sorta see your abs” lean or “in shape for your age” – we’re talking shredded, jacked, a walking anatomy chart. A real bodybuilder.I believe every guy who works out hard and consistently should make it a goal to get to this level at [...]

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Once And For All: How Much Protein for Mass Gains?

The Muscle Expert is back with my thoughts on the most popular macronutrient among bodybuilders and anyone looking to improve body composition...PROTEIN!Protein is the most versatile macronutrient we consume. It can be used to build tissue, be broken down to make energy, used as an enzyme in metabolism, or used as a co-factor in detoxification. [...]

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Why Bodybuilders should choose a higher fat diet.

First off, let me start by stating that I am not “anti” carbohydrate. I believe that we, as athletes, definitely require substantial amounts of carbohydrates for optimal function, performance and hypertrophy (growth!). The topic of debate is timing and amounts.When I decided to write this article, it was motivated by a glaring need to educate [...]

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(PART 2) Muscle Building Wisdom (Continuation for VIP Newsletter Subscribers)

Back to why you shouldn’t be eating as many carbs as you may think: What you do now affects your body down the road. If you cram yourself full of carbohydrates K on a daily basis, regardless of type of carb (even low GI carbs), your body must process these carbs and your insulin sensitivity [...]

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(PART 1)The number one MOST IMPORTANT factor in muscle building. PERIOD. (that youre not even aware of)

Aspiring athletes and bodybuilders (this is actually for everyone), young and old, what you do NOW will affect how your body responds FOREVER. If you wonder how many carbs you should be eating on a daily basis, the answer is.... AS FEW AS POSSIBLE (which of course, is variable based on your goal). No; [...]

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The Final Week (part 3 of 3)

Part 3.The final week.Depletion started 7 days from the show. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all under 75gr of starchy carbs and plenty of green vegetables.When I take my carbs down so low, I will compensate by bringing protein and fats up a bit. The idea behind the very low carb is to tighten up [...]

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Olympia Prep (2 of 3)

Wassup muscle nerds! ;) In an attempt to avoid the boring complacency of a typical blog, I try to add a little value into each of my blogs by giving you something you can USE. This week, my favorite cardio regiment.( well, second to Wingates, but they weren’t an option in Venice). First things [...]

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