Part 3.
The final week.

Depletion started 7 days from the show. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all under 75gr of starchy carbs and plenty of green vegetables.
When I take my carbs down so low, I will compensate by bringing protein and fats up a bit. The idea behind the very low carb is to tighten up that extra 10%, to deplete the muscles, and to increase insulin sensitivity in preparation for the upcoming carb load week. Without optimal insulin sensitivity while carb loading, you can eat as much as you want and youll never carb up maximally.

Depletion workouts consisted of training each body part at least twice in a 3 day period. Workouts are long, 1.5-2hrs, but the amount of actual work done to each muscle group is minimal. The goal being to deplete glycogen, not build muscle at this point. I try to train each muscle from as many different angles as possible to ensure that I am depleting as many muscles as possible.

My lady, Amanda, son Benjamin and best friend Bob Weatherill and I all packed up and headed to Vegas on Tuesday. I wanted to get into town early so I could get settled before everyone started showing up.
We arrived at 4pm Tuesday and were greeted by the film crew from “Generation Iron”. We were scheduled to shoot on Wednesday(intentionally on my end, I didn’t want to be bothered until I was settled), so much for that!

The next few days ended up being extremely busy and it seemed everyone wanted my time and attention. Normally before a show, you will find me in my room for 3 days posing, eating and sleeping. Not much else. My focus is on one thing- the contest. When im not meditating and visualizing my goal, im posing or eating.

This week however, turned out to be quite the opposite. I really didn’t have time to pose, and definitely didn’t have time to nap.
Interviews, filming, meetings, meet and greet, the expo and the arrival of friends and family from all over the world occupied my days.

On the whole, my body felt great. I knew it was going take a perfect week for me to break into the top 6(which was my goal), and things really did seem to go as planned. The only thing I can think of that would have made me better, was the rest and posing. But I truly cant complain about the entire process.
My support team(Amanda and Bob) were incredible and I couldn’t have done it without them.

My carb load started at 200g of carbs Monday and Tuesday. 500 Wednesday, 1000 Thursday and 600 Friday(the show was Friday night). Very similar to the load that I followed for the Arnold Classic earlier this year.
Carbs of choice are usually very similar to what I eat while preparing for the contest. Primarily white rice and sweet potatoes.
I’ll divide the total daily amount over 6-8meals. Meal one of the day, and meal 5 are still no carb(like I always advocate while dieting). This just allows my body to maintain insulin sensitivity, and therefore actually use the carbs im putting in.

Some of the supplements I use during the last week:
Fish Oil

I try to not eat anything for 3hours before going on stage. The idea is to keep the stomach empty and blood in the muscles. My last meal before the show began was
Steak and sweet potato with some “nutzo butter” (look it up….Delicious).

This brings us to the actualy MR OLYMPIA Contest.
It was incredible and overwhelming to say the least. An incredible honour to set foot on that stage. Childhood dreams fulfilled. To hear that olympia music playing brought tears to my eyes. I know that my son was sitting in the audience brought passion to my heart and took all my fear and anxiety away.
My dad, who took me to my first olympia in 1998(i was 17- and 180lbs.) was sitting 2nd row.
My best friends in the world, my family, my incredible lady all looked on and I felt every one of them cheering for me.
Outcome aside, the Mr Olympia 2012 was every bit as incredible as I could ever have imagined it to be, and much much more.
I hope you all get to live YOUR dream.

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