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40 Mistakes People Make when trying to get in shape

40 Mistakes People Make leading up to a Contest / Vacation / Special Event! 1. Not creating great habits from day 1. Getting lean is EASY… once you’ve created the necessary habits. Stay extremely diligent and focused for the first 4 weeks of any new nutrition protocol and create the habits necessary for success. [...]

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Sunday Squat Day Week 3

The 3rd week of squat til I get huge quads is upon us. This one is written with the intent of annihilating the glutes, which is a very important aspect in maximum quad growth as well as (more importantly) knee health. Lets roll..... Reverse Lunges 3x15 (complete one side then the next) 4010 tempo (no [...]

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(PART 2) Muscle Building Wisdom (Continuation for VIP Newsletter Subscribers)

Back to why you shouldn’t be eating as many carbs as you may think: What you do now affects your body down the road. If you cram yourself full of carbohydrates K on a daily basis, regardless of type of carb (even low GI carbs), your body must process these carbs and your insulin sensitivity [...]

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(PART 1)The number one MOST IMPORTANT factor in muscle building. PERIOD. (that youre not even aware of)

Aspiring athletes and bodybuilders (this is actually for everyone), young and old, what you do NOW will affect how your body responds FOREVER. If you wonder how many carbs you should be eating on a daily basis, the answer is.... AS FEW AS POSSIBLE (which of course, is variable based on your goal). No; [...]

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