The 3rd week of squat til I get huge quads is upon us.

This one is written with the intent of annihilating the glutes, which is a very important aspect in maximum quad growth as well as (more importantly) knee health.

Lets roll…..

Reverse Lunges 3×15 (complete one side then the next) 4010 tempo (no rest)

Glute Bridges with ball between knees for adductor activation 3×20(weighted) (40 secs rest)

Barbell Squats 6×6 (70% of max-Xplosive reps) 3110 tempo (60 seconds rest)

Wide stance Dumbbell Squats (1 and a Half reps-extra half is at the bottom) 5 x 15 4010 tempo (60secs)

Lying leg curls(in hip extension) 5×8 + 10 partials per set 30X0 tempo (40 seconds rest)

Go home, consume large portions of good food, rest,

and enjoy 3 days of remembered me while attempting to sit down.

PS. Girls you’re going to love this one.

Guys, leave your purse at home and get to work!

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