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Understanding the Macros: Carbs

With the emergence of nutritional approaches such as the ketogenic and paleo plans (both high in proteins and fats, and lower in carbs), carbohydrates; macromolecules often beneficial for good health and performance and at one time an integral part of any good bodybuilder’s eating plan, are not as readily consumed as they once were. [...]

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Delt Training for Boulder Shoulders

In today's lesson, Ben teaches us how to manipulate force angles using a cable machine to effectively overload ALL points of the strength curve during a single set! GREAT info to add to your delt training repertoire! Take your training to the next level with the latest breakthroughs in intelligent muscle building >>Cell Expansion [...]

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Glute Training Concepts

Today Ben discusses GLUTE training! He also provides a demonstration of a great exercise for activating the glutes that simultaneously helps to teach control, while building tension and improving the mind muscle connection. For more training tips and execution cues head over to MI40 Nation now!

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Understanding the Macros: Fats (Part 2)

by David Robson Yesterday in part 1, David gave us an introduction into fats, as well as dispelling a common myth. He’s back today with part 2, where he’ll discuss his recommendations. Key recommendations for fat consumption among bodybuilders and other health-conscious folk -Have fats comprise of around 30% of your daily macronutrient intake [...]

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How to Optimize the Stiff-Legged Deadlift

What are the 2 functions of the hamstrings, and how can we apply this knowledge to a stiff legged deadlift for best results? Also, what is the full range of motion for the movement (you're quite likely unaware). These questions and more answered by Ben in today's MI40 University video! Stop by MI40 Nation [...]

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Understanding the Macros: Protein (Part 2)

by David Robson (click here for part 1) Power proteins: which are best? To ensure the proteins we consume are packed with the anabolic goodness essential amino acids provide, we may determine their Biological Value (BV), Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER), and Net Protein Utilization (NPU). The net protein component of a given food may [...]

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Primer training for a BARN door back

In today's lesson, Ben shows us how to apply the 6 Essentials of Exercise to a one-arm dumbbell row to maximize hypertrophy. Hint... you're probably NOT performing this exercise optimally, change that now: For many more exercises explained in detail, make your way over to MI40 Nation now! University tested method to accelerate muscle [...]

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Understanding the Macros: Protein (Part 1)

by David Robson Of the three macronutrients responsible for supporting health, wellbeing and the muscle building process, protein could be classed as the nutritional rock star. In fact, an exhortation to consume large quantities of it forms the most commonly expressed, though outrageously simplistic, of bodybuilding mandates: lift heavy and eat more protein! Protein [...]

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