Just because some, “trainers”, use the words, “anatomical”, and, “it’s physiology”, doesn’t mean they have the slightest clue what they’re talking about.

Listen, I don’t claim to know it all…but there are a few things I do know….

Exercise essentials:
#1. Engage the working muscle FIRST
(squeeze it before you move it).

working muscle#2. Maintain CONTINUOUS tension throughout the range (this isnt as redundant or as simple as it seems). This might be the last thing to master, but important to think about nonetheless.

#3. Maintain tension at the EXTREMES of the range (meaning when you’re fully lengthened or shortened). Do not allow the weight to bounce or change direction quickly.

working muscle#4. Maintain proper posture. Chest tall, “stand proud”, is the term I use all of the time. Chest up, chin straight ahead.

#5. Take a muscle through its ENTIRE range of motion (ROM).
 NOTE: this does not need to happen on each exercise, as long as it happens within a given workout.

#6. Fully SHORTEN the muscle. It will make a huge difference on your road to success. Learn what this means for all body parts.

#7. Learn a muscles full range of motion. It’s NOT complicated.
 Trust me.

#8. Heavy weights are only useful when used with control and tension (advanced athletes are able to use acceleration and control/tension at the same time).

#9. Add acceleration ONLY once you’ve mastered all of these techniques.

acceleration ONLY

#10. Locking-out is only bad when done with acceleration.

#11. Read Numbers 1-10 again!

#12. Print this off and give it to your trainer. Kick some ass in all of your workouts this week and forever.

As always, share this with someone you know who NEEDS to read this….

Now pick one or two from the above list that YOU are going to focus on the very next time you hit the gym… make a commitment to following through by letting me know which ones you chose in the comment section below!

BPak out!

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