Welcome back, MI40 Nation!  Now that we’ve had a successful and purposeful deload week, we can begin the next phase of the Sunday Squat.  Over the course of the upcoming weeks, we will be focusing on increasing the stress load during our training.  Obviously we’re going to continue to keep intention and time under tension at the forefront of our training, but henceforth the reps will be lowered week to week as the weight will increase.  Remember, intentions training isn’t an excuse to use ‘light’ weights.  ‘Light’ is relative, and varies from athlete to athlete.  In order to optimize your gains and get the most from your training, you’re going to need to continue stressing these techniques while using the heaviest loads you can control (still maintaining form and hitting the desired repetitions).  This week we are going to start on the higher end of the hypertrophy rep range.  Get ready to GROW.

Leg Extensions:

Warm up: Beginning a workout with a pre-exhausting, isolation movement is a great technique use to ensure optimal hypertrophy.  This is not only a great way to warm up the joints, but it also will acclimate your central nervous system to the upcoming heavy training.

4 sets, 25 reps, 2021 tempo, 90 seconds rest between sets

Note – Ideally, use a weight in which you are failing around the 25th rep

Squats (Shoulder-Width Stance):

4 sets, 12 reps, 4010 tempo, 120 seconds rest between sets

Note – Maintain outward intentions throughout the course of the movement.  The intention should never ‘relax’ as long as you are in the middle of a set.

Leg Press (Narrow Stance):

3 sets, 12 reps, 4010 tempo, 90 seconds rest between sets

1 NOS set (3 consecutive drops after the initial set), 4010 tempo, each set until failure

Note – Begin your NOS set with a slightly heavier weight than that which you used for your last set of 12.

Seated Hamstring Curls:

4 sets, 12 reps, 4010 tempo, 120 seconds rest between each dropset

Note – Each set will be a double-dropset.  Aim for a drop of approximately 25% from the previous weight.

Note – For the first two sets, keep your feet in dorsiflexion.  For the last two sets, place your feet in plantar flexion.

Straight Legged Deadlifts (1”-2” Toe Elevation):

3 sets, 15 reps, 4010 tempo, 120 seconds rest between each set

As always, be mindful of the rest periods, tempo, and reps with every movement.  Unlike some of the weeks, these variables change from exercise to exercise.  Next week, we will increase the stress load via weight increases while keeping the volume and rest periods similar.  Your body will become acclimated to this style of training and attempt as needed.  This is crucial for growth.  Speaking of ‘crucial for growth,’ nothing fits that description more than some quality post workout nutrition.  Make sure you’re nutrition is on point.  As we increase the weight, it is extremely vital that you understand your ‘current settings’ now more than ever.



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