This week’s Sunday Squat starts off his a 1-2 superset PUNCH.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our new ‘Theme of the Month,’ check it out here:


Squats (Narrow Stance/Wide Stance Superset)

A1)10 reps narrow stance (slightly tighter than shoulder width), heels elevated 1-2”, 4110 tempo**

(**for those of you not familiar with TEMPO or those that are new to my programs, a “4110 tempo” simply means that you descend for 4 seconds, pause briefly at the bottom to eliminate inertia, explode upward using muscular contraction to fuel the movement, and then ZERO (0) pause at the top).

A2)10 reps wide stance, no elevation, 4110 tempo

Note – Superset format with 90 seconds rest between rounds

Note – Each rep should be ‘pulled down’ with the hamstrings being used to lower the weight on the eccentric (negative) part of them rep.  Those of you who have done MI40 and/or Hypertrophy Max should be well versed in this technique. It starts at the top of each rep with quads in full contraction and remaining that way until the set is over and weight is replaced on the wrack. The eccentric (negative) portion of the range is initiated by contracting the hamstrings to PULL you down. NOT by falling down to the bottom of the rep. (This might take a while to grasp but don’t give up – it’s worth it!)


B1)Leg Extensions:

4 sets, 8 reps, 4010 temp, 120 seconds rest between sets

Tip – Place a water bottle in between your quads.  Keep constant inward tension on this water bottle through slight adduction throughout the movement. The goal is to keep your patella (knee cap) hinging and always facing toward the ceiling (not rotating outward).

B2)Wide-Stance Leg Press (Feet High):

4 sets, 15 reps, 1010 tempo, 60 seconds rest between sets

Note – Feet should be place high and wide to maximize glute/hamstring involvement

Note – Contract your glutes at the bottom of each rep when beginning the concentric part of the movement. Inward intent on this exercise will multiply your gains, but is not for the weak of mind.


Single Leg Hamstring Curls (Mechanical Dropset)

4 sets, 10 reps/**10reps, 4010 tempo, 90 seconds rest between each dropset

Note – a mechanical dropset is a dropset without dropping or changing the weight.

*perform 10 reps in a position of hip extension(glutes down and contracted) attempting to continuously thrust hips into pad.

**then perform 10 reps in a position of hip flexion. Bum up and no attempt to thrust pelvis into pad.

Note – Feet in constant dorsiflexion


Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlifts (Toe Elevation):

2 sets, 20 reps, 4010 tempo, 90 seconds rest between sets

Note – Place a 25lb plate under the balls of your feet, elevating your toes approximately one inch into dorsiflexion.


There’s no doubt this week’s Sunday Squat will have your backside standing at attention.  Remember to always focus on tension and contraction of the muscle. THE WORKING MUSCLE MUST INITIATE THE MOVEMENT. Pack some extra BCAA’s for the ride home, too.  You’re going to need them.

Squeeze it like it owes you money, 😉


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