Welcome back MI40 Nation, Hypertrophy Max enthusiasts, and BPak supporters worldwide!   Today we’re back on the Sunday Squat grind with another grueling, quad crushing, hamstring shreddin’, killer leg workout.  As many of you know, last week began a periodization of lower rest periods.  All rest periods during last week’s training session were 90 seconds in between sets.  This week, however, we’re kicking the dynamics up a notch and limiting the rest periods for an increase in lactic acid that’ll leave you toasted.  Again, be sure to follow these rest periods as they are crucial to the week by week progression.


Squats (Narrow Stance):

Warm up: 100 bodyweight squats.  With these, focus on engaging all muscle groups (most importantly ‘pulling down’ with the hamstrings, and lowering yourself into the rep in a slow, controlled fashion – see Note below) as you progress through the movement.

4 sets, 12 reps, 2010 tempo

Note – Rest 60 seconds between each set

Note – Each rep should be ‘pulled down’ with the hamstrings being used to lower the weight on the eccentric (negative) part of the rep.  This has been a common theme throughout the past weeks, and I can’t stress the importance of this enough.  If you’re doing it correctly, the intention should be felt in the hamstrings throughout the entire movement.


Hack Squat (Feet Wide and High):

3 sets, 8 reps, 4010 temp, 60 seconds rest between sets

Note – Feet should be placed high and wide.  This removes the majority of the stress load from the quads and places it on the glutes and hamstrings.  Thus, your focus should be on contraction and time under tension of your glutes and hams.


Straight Leg Dealifts (No Toe Elevation):

4 sets, 15 reps, 4010 tempo, 60 seconds rest between sets

Note – Keep a ‘slight’ bend in the knee.  This bend should remain constant throughout the movement.


Seated Leg Curls:

4 sets, 8 reps, 4010 tempo, 60 seconds rest between each dropset

Note – All four sets will be double-drop sets.  Aim for two consecutive drops that are roughly 25% less weight than the previous set.

Note – Feet should be kept in dorsiflexion (toes up) throughout the movement.


Leg Extensions

3 sets, 15 reps, 4010 tempo, 60 seconds rest between each drop set

Note – Each set will consist of a quadruple-dropset.  That’s four consecutive drops following the initial set.  You should aim for a weight decrease of approximately 20% with each drop.  Sound familiar, MI40 fans?


Many of you may not be accustomed to such short rest periods.  This intensifying technique will certainly induce added stress on the body if your nutrition, most importantly post workout, is compromised or neglected.  I’d recommend some BCAAs, a whey isolate supplement, and a fast digesting carb supplement during and after your training session (Aminocore, Isoflex, and Carbion are IDEAL for this, respectively).  Train hard, stay hydrated, and live healthy.






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