Create More Muscle Damage with Lighter Weight? Here’s the Evidence…

Have you ever been told that simply adding weight to the bar or machine, aka “progressive overload” is the holy grail of muscle building? Building muscle takes a lot more than just adding more weight to the bar, and to be completely truthful, more [...]

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The MI40 Foundation

MI40 is the foundational piece of scientific muscle building information for anybody interested in: learning how to optimally execute movement patterns in the gym, achieve exponentially better muscle contractions, eat and train with precision for maximal results – ultimately, how to build muscle effectively [...]

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The Fat Loss Pyramid

Key Point Summary There are 5 ‘levels’, or stages, you must implement IN ORDER to optimize fat loss Nutrition should be specific to your training, simply being in a caloric deficit is insufficient Muscular contractions burn calories, not getting a weight from point A [...]

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Myosatellite Cells: The KEY to Rapid Recovery and Accelerated Growth

However, using something called the "Cell Expansion Protocol", this is possible for everyone at any level. You can see me giving a detailed demonstration of C.E.P. for biceps here: It goes back to what I mentioned to you before: Myosatellite cells... We've proven that stimulation [...]

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One of my favorite supplements with the most 'bang for your buck' for both fat loss and building muscle. Taurine has a calming effect on the CNS and also has insulin sensitivity enhancing properties. Taking 2-3g post-workout and before bed can help 'switch' your body into [...]

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Fish Oils

Obtaining sufficient levels of EPA and DHA help with brain function as well as insulin sensitivity. Fish oil also helps decrease inflammation and allow recovery. Starting dose suggestion (if you haven't used them before or have poor insulin sensitivity) - 1g for every 1% body fat [...]

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Zinc supports optimal testosterone production as well as over 80 other hormonal processes in the body.  It is a great addition to your pre-bed ritual to promote healthy hormone levels and recovery. Maintenance dose is 10-30mg per day. Scitec USA Use promo code "Ben" for 25% [...]

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